The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender

We are committed to exposing the lack of accountability, the corruption, and dishonesty that has infested the Office of The Colorado State Public Defender, and their former leadership Douglas K Wilson.


The Office of the Colorado State Public Defender lacks even a remote and basic level of Accountability.

Here is the link to their site if you need to apply for their services:

Douglas K Wilson

Even as the leader of the Office of the Colorado State Public Defenders and an Adjunct Faculty of Colorado University he has repeatedly displayed his open lack of ethics, morals, compassion, and empathy.

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Not what the current Office of the State Public Defenders is engaged in.

If you want to lose, hire the Public Defenders that work for the State of Colorado, NOT you. These people have a major “conflict of interest”. Yet, the system would rather throw you under the bus.

The right of one charged with a crime to counsel may not be deemed fundamental and essential to fair trials in some countries, but it is in ours.
–Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963)

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We built this site after many years of observing and experiencing the blatant dishonesty, and corruption that is ever so prevalent in the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender. These people represent that they have your best interest at heart in addressing your criminal legal issues. The basic reality is they do not care, they don’t have time, and are NOT interested in true justice. They refuse to call out dirty judges, courts, and district attorneys. Ones that do not respect the rule of law, and the rights of the citizens of the State of Colorado.  They refuse to stand for their clients. You as the person charged in a  crime have the legal and moral right to participate in your defense. Those involved in the dirty “pay to play” game of the Colorado Judiciary desire to prevent that and only care about obtaining the most convictions at all costs. Justice and the concept of “liberty and justice for all” that our founding fathers wrote into the bill of rights for our country.  These issues and the rule of law must be restored and the corruption of the Office of the Colorado State Public Defenders cleaned up.

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