OSPD Enabling Legislation: No way to hold them accountable

So, What is the point of passing laws that have zero actual teeth? Other than to make the elected officials look good and mislead the general public. The citizens of the State of Colorado deserve more. The very fact they passed such a law with no actual teeth shows the Elected officials of the State believe you are not smart enough to actually see through their smokescreen.

This is what appears on the Office of the Colorado State Public Defenders Website as of this date in time:

“OSPD Enabling Legislation:
The general assembly hereby declares that the state public defender at all times shall serve his clients independently of any political considerations or private interests, provide legal services to indigent persons accused of crime that are commensurate with those available to nonindigents, and conduct the office in accordance with the Colorado rules of professional conduct and with the American Bar Association standards relating to the administration of criminal justice, the defense function.  C.R.S. 21-1-101(1)”

There is absolutely zero comparisons in the quality and willingness to go to bat for the defendant. When you compare the private sector legal counsel to the “public pretender” office. Whoops, did I say public pretender? Lol, that fits these incompetent poor excuses for an attorney.  When you look at the fact that they openly engage in a blatant attempt to corherse the defendant to plea. Statements like “if you don’t take this you will lose at trial” show their premeditation.  Or statement s like “when you get found guilty at trial you will get a lot more time” definitely show a threat of harm if the defendant does not take the deal. These types of actions blatantly violate the bill of rights, constitution, and even the United Nations Human Rights Accord. Yet, the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender openly engages in these types of acts, with no recourse.

Denying a defendant of competent counsel because of their perceived socioeconomic status, race, family status, creed, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and more. Serve to make Colorado more hate-filled state. A state where the very agency charged with protecting these people, engages in the discrimination themselves. People in Colorado have a right to be protected regardless of being part of one of these protected classes. But, this will  NOT happen when dealing with the courts, or the office of the colorado state public defenders office.

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