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Together we can change the tide and hold these corrupt governmental bad actors accountable.

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While we CANNOT provide LEGAL advice, we can provide a listening ear, an understanding non-judgemental heart. Because, as humans, we ought to show love, compassion, and empathy for others. Something those who are part of this broken and corrupt system fail to grasp. 

Also, we are interested in holding actions related to addressing the broken Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, and the out-of-control Colorado Judiciary. As well as Police misconduct, and issues related to the “Urban Camping Bans” targeting the homeless.  Please use the above email, if you are interested in working together on these issues.

A strong community includes ALL members of said community. The cold, blatant targeting of one group over another, regardless of the reason serves to undermine the integrity of the very fibers of any one community. What the Office of the Colorado Public Defender is doing is nothing short of contributing to a current form of slavery. When slavery was abolished, those in power sought to redirect the access to resources and revenue. They are now using the Colorado Judiciary, and most other states’ court systems to criminalize and then marginalize specific classes of the population, and then profit from these actions. It is time we take the words “LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL” seriously.


Thank You.