Do You have a TIP? Or some Dirt on Mr. Wilson?


Douglas K Wilson

When one looks for the very definition of a “dirty lawyer” and why society as a whole has a bad taste in their mouth for attorneys, Douglas K Wilson is just such an attorney.

Leading the Office of the Colorado State Public Defenders Office:

Douglas K Wilson led the Office Of the Colorado State Public Defender for many years. He instilled a culture where all that mattered were the numbers justifying the budget and pay. Through his leadership, the attorneys and staff of the public defender’s office exhibited a culture where the rights of the accused were totally disregarded. He created an environment where anything went just to clear the cases. Where most (some statistics say 80%plus of cases) were plea-bargained. Showing their propensity to deny the accused of their right to trial, among other rights.

Colorado State Public Defender

Bernice Mann

Creative Director

Samuel Ramirez



Did not take complaints seriously

The Office Of the Colorado State Public Defender lacks any accountability in taking complaints against their attorneys and staff seriously. Including allegations related to civil rights violations by their staff against those, they are charged to represent and protect.


Good Old Boys Culture

The culture and modus operandi where it is tolerated to simply engage in quid pro quo and look the other way about the misdeeds and blatant violations of people’s rights. On the basis of knowing the person and they’re looking the other way on your misdeeds as well.  This type of behavior that he and his staff engage in, is a travesty of true justice.


Double Dipping  State Pay

What do you call a state employee that collects two full-time state salaries? It is NOT like he was working 80 hours a week. But yet we the taxpayers were paying for such. You see Douglas K Wilson was not only getting paid as the Colorado State Public Defender but as a professor at the University of Colorado, in the School of Law. 

How does or could a person that cheats the state of Colorado taxpayers while destroying many of the less fortunate residents’ lives in the name of greed manage to sleep at night?

No Empathy at all

No sense of right from wrong

Above the Law mentality

The people of Colorado Deserve more…


Wonder why the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender has run amuck?